How to choose the right DJ for your event

“A professional DJ does more than push buttons and play music”

For any event to be successful, it takes skill, talent, music knowledge, planning and attention to detail. A professional DJ will be your host, announcer, vendor liaison, and event coordinator.

A professional DJ will use quality sound equipment, have on-site backup equipment, use legal music covering all different types and genres, and carry both equipment and liability insurance.

“How much should you pay for a professional DJ?”

DJs come in all different shapes and sizes. From your next door neighbor, local nightclub DJ, radio personality, and bedroom hobbyist. It is very easy to become confused with all the choices. Your entertainment choice will encompass the largest portion of your reception.

Choosing the right entertainment is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Whether it’s shopping for your dress, décor, cake, photographer, and reception location be aware that the lowest price is often not the best value. If your friends and family leave early due to a less than adequate DJ, because they were the lowest price it will impact the value of everything you’ve spent on your venue, food, beverages and décor, because no one will be there to enjoy it.

“The entertainment can make your day special, or ruin it.”

If you think about any event you have attended in your life, whether it is a family get-together or someone’s wedding, you will always remember the best times before all others.

Employing a professional DJ will affect how much your family and friends enjoy your reception. Having the right music that accommodates everyone will be the difference between a lackluster event and one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Your wedding reception will stand out

Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your special day is being handled from a professional DJ service with over 20 years as a mobile disc jockey and an extensive number of successful weddings.

Your event will be given personal attention

James Hall will be your personal DJ and emcee for the entire event. Your event is guaranteed to be the only one scheduled on that day. All special moments will be coordinated with your photographer and video photographer to ensure that your special moments are captured.

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